The Backpack Clinger

The Simple Backpack Enhancement Device That Doubles As A Catch All In The Home

The Backpack

The Simple Backpack 
Enhancement Device That Doubles 
As A Catch All In The Home

Context And Conceptual Statement

August 2020 - November 2020

This project is an annual event for the juniors in the industrial design program at OSU. They are responsible for producing 10 copies of a housewares product designed by them and the other member of their team to sell at a Winter Market. Our product was the Horizon Bag.


Industrial Designer
Sketching, Research, Prototyping, Sewing, and Collaborative Efforts

1. Research

Ethnographic Research

We began our design process by performing ethnographic research. This proved to be challenging due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we had to resort to Zoom and other conferencing softwares for observation. My team mate and I investigated relaxation in the home with a target demographic of college aged kids. Below is some of my contributions and tools I utilized to discover the findings in the next section.

Frequency Charts Allowed Us To Develop A Great Understanding Of How Time Was Spent While Relaxing

Heat Maps Allowed Us To Identify Movement Of Individuals While Relaxing In The Home And How Much Object Interaction They Had

Sketches Provided A Quick And Easy Reference Tool For The Environment Of Our Relaxing Subjects

2. Ideation And Research Interpretation

Ideation Sketching and Research Handoff

After completing our ethnographic research, we passed our findings off to our class and also gained access to research from our peers. By investigating our classmates and our own findings, we found that while relaxing, individuals often interact with an assortment of objects while sitting and these objects were typically just thrown about after use. We also found in our peer's research that our target demographic of college students ordered food on campus and would be forced to take it to go due to the pandemic. This leaves kids with a to go container they had to carry around campus as they left dining halls. We decided to use these insights as guiding philosophies during ideation.

Early Ideation Involved Concepts That Would Fold Around A To Go Container

This Particular Sketch Facilitated Thoughts On Ways Our Design Could Attach To A Backpack

Double Use Cases Eventually Began To Emerge As A Way Our Design Could Manifest

Double Use Cases Eventually Began To Emerge As A Way Our Design Could Manifest

Refinement Of Ideations Allowed Us To Understand How Recycled Materials Like Old Shirts Could Be Used In Our Designs

Refined Ideation Also Granted An Opportunity To Better Understand In Case Use And Scale

These Sketches Are Courtesy Of My Partner And Her Work On This Project

This Sketch From my Partner Is Particularly Important, It Is The Idea We Eventually Went On To Develop

3. Refinement And Construction

Ideation Sketching and Research Handoff

Post initial ideation, we ended up going with a concept my partner had developed. I was really excited by her thoughts and got the opportunity to add to it as shown below. This is where we started to incorporate thoughts of stationary use rather than just a bag that holds to go containers for college students. We then went to work creating our bags that would eventually be sold at our Winter Market and other promotional material for our bags. We utilized canvas and recycled vinyl from signs to create our beautiful one of a kind products.

My Early Contributions To My Partners Design Focused On Squaring Off Bag Edges

I Also Started To Incorporate A Stationary Mode For In Home Use to Our Design Aswell

The Horizon Bag In Stationary Mode

Internal Pockets Allow For Organization

The Bag Fits Most To Go Containers

The Bag Attaches Horizontally To Backpacks To Prevent Spilling Of To Go Contents

In Case Use Of Stationary Mode

It Is Also Simple Enough To Carry The Bag By Hand

4. Reflections

This project provided me with a great opportunity to work one on one with another designer to produce a product. It was an inspiring process to build on another's idea and start to see the blend between two different designer's work. This project has also inspired me to work more at soft good methods and soft good design philosophies.

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