Hi, I'm Blaine

I am a passionate UI/UX designer at olliv by coinflip. I have an immense passion for accessibility, flexibility, and unique interactions in all of my designs.

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What I Have to Offer

UI / UX Design

Leverage synthesized research to iterate on functional prototypes with evaluation of prototypes through user testing.

UX Research

Develop testing sessions, questionaries, empathy maps, and task analysis to produce meaningful insights on the development of both physical and digital products.

Industrial Design

Utilize iterative sketching and physical prototypes involving 3D printing and modeling to test and produce final physical forms.

My Process

I have found this process functional in producing optimized and thoughtful products in both the physical and digital space.

1. Problem Discovery

Identify user problems through research methods such as structured interviews, observations, and group codesign sessions.

2. Concept Development and Testing

Leverage synthesized research to produce functional prototypes that address user needs providing an opportunity for testing and iteration.

3. Hand Off

Production of documentation required to fully understand design decisions and how they influence the users.