Grocery delivery and curation for senior living enviroments
UI/UX Design, UX Research, Adobe Xd Prototyping
"Empathy requires knowing you know nothing" -Leslie Jamison
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The Covid-19 pandemic was a scary time for a lot of us. We were separated from friends, family, work, and even grocery stores. Traditional online grocery shopping methods such as Instacart were not usable. It took too long to shop, the platform didn't learn about us, and we were not even sure grocery delivery was safe.

Imagine a platform where you could buy all your groceries in a matter of a few clicks, your groceries were delivered safetly, and the platform learned about what you enjoy to eat and your health concerns. That platform is Curabox.

Curabox offers curated boxes at the top of the home screen called Curaboxes. These boxes could include recipes, items you have previously bought, or boxes you custom created. You could simply add them to your cart in one click and the groceries are delivered same day. Available in both desktop or mobile form for a conveinent experience.

The home page also included curated items based on previous shopping trips and health / dietary concerns along with items you have previously favorited.

On Curabox, it is simple to get specifications on particular items, and the contents of Curaboxes. The deployment of a tag system also allows you to searhc for items and boxes based on tags you like.

As soon as an account is created, you can quickly select dietary and health preferences that would fuel and drive your curations.

When you are done shopping, checkout and card selection are a breeze. In a matter of minutes your curated order will be delivered to your door.

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This project was a multidisciplinary effort to rethink the way grocery delivery apps should work. Efforts were focused on implementation of nutritional curation systems, contactless delivery, and the development of a one click shopping experience. I was brought on as the first designer for this startup.


Blaine Hafen
Yiting Wang


UI/UX Designer & UX Researcher


April 2020 - July 2020


4 months

Skills & Software Used

Adobe Xd, User testing, and brand development

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