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Curabox, A Project Created With The Intention Of Delivering An Application 
That Streamlines The Process Of Grocery Delivery And Provides A Nutritional Curation System For Shoppers

Your Friendly

Curabox, A Project Created With The Intention Of Delivering An Application That Streamlines The Process Of Grocery Delivery And Provides A Nutritional Curation System For Shoppers.

Context And Conceptual Statement

April 2020 - July 2020

This project was a multidisciplinary effort to rethink the way grocery delivery apps should work, particularly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the senior population. Efforts were focused on implementation of nutritional curation systems, contactless delivery, and ease of use. I was brought on as the first designer in this team.


UI/UX Designer
Sketching, Research, Prototyping, Interactions, Branding, and Engineering Handoff

1. Rapid Ideation

Prototyping and Ideation

My work began quickly on Curabox. After being hired I was given a week to have an initial UI design. As someone who was mainly experienced in Industrial Design at the time, I went straight into ideation. I focused primarily on quick simple wireframes that would set the basis by which I could add interaction. I prioritized reducing the amount of information that was on the page at any given point to help emphasize products and knowledge we wanted understood. I quickly went into prototyping in Xd and actually managed to pull off a quick UI design in one week. Below are some of the early wireframes and UI Concepts.

Wireframe Of Profile Page

Wireframe Of Checkout Page

Initial UI Concept For Home Page That Utilized Carousel Interaction

Initial UI For Landing Page

2. Research, Brand Development, and Expanding The Design Team

User Personas, Story Boarding, and Brand Development

After an initial UI was created, I was able to move on to other areas of development the company required. The team also onboarded a new designer who was a graduate student at OSU. Her and I worked collaboratively to revise some of Curabox's design issue's via the methods below.

A Large Part Of Our Branding Work Began With Revising Our Color Pallet. We Focused On Tones That Were Contrasting And Vibrant

We Then Mobilized In A Direction With Our Logo That Emphasized Ourselves As A Delivery Service Rather Than A Curation Software

User Personas Allowed Us To Gain A Better Sense Of What It Was Like To Be A Senior Living During The Pandemic

Storyboards Allowed Us To Understand Our User's Experience From Start To Finish While Using Our Platform

3. Pushing The UI And Development Of The Information Architecture

Continued Prototyping, and Information Architecture

Once our branding was completed and our understanding of our users was grounded, we moved into the final phase of UI design before our MVP testing. Our first step was to create a refined information architecture so that we could refine the flow of our site. We then focused on implementing cartoon graphics and playful elements into our design to address the playful trends seen in UI Design at the time and even now. Final efforts were spent polishing usability.

Starting From Our Information Architecture Allowed Us To Focus More On The UI Changes We Had To Come

Refreshed Landing Page Incorporating Playful Elements

Refreshed Transaction Page Incorporating Card System As Seen On The Home Page

New Home Page With Refined Card System For Displaying Information And Flags For Quick Info

Simple Card System Incorporated Into Transaction Page As Seen Before

The Finalized Nutrition Page Also Implemented Our Card System And Playful Icons

4. Remarks

Unfortunately our finalized UI was never developed out fully. Curabox ran out of funding before engineering could finish our site for our MVP testing. However the work here was the basis for my understanding of UI design. I learned an incredible amount from my partner who had already developed UI's before professionally. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of this project was learning that I had UI design potential in me.

Note: Some graphical elements that supplement the UI were not created by us, but instead modified to fit our site's design.

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