Refreshing The Smile

A Project That Refreshed And Updated The Usability And Aesthetic Value Of A Local Dentistry's Website

Refreshing The

A Project That Refreshed And 
Update The Usability 
And Aesthetic Value 
Of A Local Dentistry's Website

Context And Conceptual Statement

July 2020

This project came as an opportunity to refresh the website of a local dentistry. Myself and my colleague who helped on the Curabox project collaborated on this project together as well.


UI/UX Designer
Wireframing, Interaction Design, and Web Implementation

1. Ideation

Wireframing, and VBL Implementation

Our work on this project started with investigating the already existing branding and structure of the previous version of the website. We then began working on wireframes and implementing the previous site's VBL in a way that was fresh by expanding the color pallet and refinement of the typography.

Xd Wireframes That Allowed Us To Build From What Existed In Terms Of VBL Into The Refreshed Look That Is Now Present

2. Implementation

Webflow and CSS

After putting together some wireframes we quickly went to work putting together the website in Webflow. We had no engineering team, so in this case we were the ones performing implementation. I specifically worked to get some of our CSS on the site working, along with building out some of the pages including the home page on the live preview below.

3. Remarks

This project was my first experience in Webflow. Through it I started to develop an interest in web based media and in particular animated elements on the screen. I hope to be able to explore these elements more in the future. This portfolio you are looking at is actually built out in Webflow as well. To access the full version of the refreshed dentistry site, click here.

Note: Some graphical elements that supplement the UI were not created by us, but instead modified to fit our site's design.

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